1. Regd under “Govt. of N. C. T. of Delhi”/ “Govt. Regd”
  2. Regd Firm has more value than unregistered firm
  3. Benefits at the time taking Contracts from Govt. or other Agencies
  4. Identification of the PARTNERSHIP FIRM
  5. Benefit in taking legal Action
  6. Name Benefits


  1. Minimum 2 Persons –Name , Address , Occupation, Age, Father’s Name
  2. Address Proof- Voter I.D / Driving license / Passport copy
  3. Partnership Deed on Rs. 200/- stamp paper
  4. Registered/Power of Attorney of the premises where Firm is to be Registered.
  5. If rented, Rent deed, Rent Receipt
  6. NOC from Landlord on Rs.10/- stamp paper
  7. Electricity Bill / House tax Receipt / Water Bill photocopy
  8. Signatures on Partnership Firm Registration FORM-1

(No inspection, No original documents, No personal presentation, No cuttings in objects)


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  • Our professional charges will be Rs 2000/- all inclusiv
  • Our professional charges will be AS ADVANCE PAYMENT.